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Your First Laugh…

The day started as any other had in the previous weeks, the morning church bells chimed across the village as we readied ourselves for the day in front of us. We went for a drive to a nearby town & took Eden for a walk along the river.  I picked up a pebble that had […]

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A Song for You …

My little girl, There’s something you should know about mummy.  I like to write.  Poems, songs, letters, even just lists, I write them. Mostly these scribbles go unnoticed, a jotted few lines in a notepad here and there, little rhymes or letters to daddy on special occasions, which then get folded up and placed in […]

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A Girl Named Story…

We thought of many names for you before you were born but ever since finding out you were going to be our little girl, we always knew who you would be. Leaving the hospital in Hua Hin after receiving the news on a hot Thai day, Daddy turned to me smiling and said ‘Shes our […]

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Welcome to the World …

Welcome to the world, our baby girl.  Your hair is like silk, your eyes espresso brown, How quickly we’re used to you being around. 10 tiny fingers and 10 tiny toes, all to go with your tiny button nose. Fragile and soft, your flawless skin, An overwhelming feeling to protect from within.  Your sleepy gaze, […]

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You Can Come Out Now…

Where are you Little One? When we first saw you on the screen in the Thailand hospital, the doctor concentrating as he worked the machine that was measuring your tiny body, he told us when you would be here. “Baby be here, October” he said as he showed us the dates on the screen. For […]

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We’re ready for you…

The years of planning and prepping for this moment are done. The months of growing you inside are very quickly coming to a close and we are now counting mere days until you arrive and emerge into this world. This process to create you began 15 months ago & for almost the last 10 of those, […]

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Mixed Emotions…

Baby Girl, I want you to know the happiness, excitement and longing we have for you to come out into this world. What feels like an eternal wait for you is almost at its end and I will get to feel the weight of you in my arms, smell your freshly birthed scent and stroke […]

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Your First Home…

Walking through the door of our rustic Portuguese house for the 1st time we were greeted with a sense of contentment.  Our landlady busied herself making teas & coffees before showing us around the house that was soon to be our own peaceful space. We were relaxed and we were happy. The home had everything […]

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Preparing for You…

My little girl… You are just a bump in my body, a feeling inside. For now, that is all we know of you. You are just a bump in my body, but you have had already had so many gifts.  We have bought you clothes & hats & socks, you have a little basket for […]

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Revealing our Secret!

Your daddy & I knew from early on that you were going to be our little girl. The doctor in the Thailand hospital told us. ‘Your baby is a girl’ he said.  With a big smile I looked over at your daddy standing in the corner, eyes glued to the screen with your tiny growing […]

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