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Where it all Began

When we decided recently to book a nights stay at the Oriental Kwai Resort it wasn’t just any hotel, this place now holds a special little part of our hearts and a became a loving paragraph of our story.
This resort was where we celebrated your daddy’s 31st birthday last year & on that same night, after many previous long chats and moments of doubt in our wavering and hesitant minds,  we had a moment of clarity and saw our future in a clear light.  We decided to start our own family.

oriental kwai-7
On Jmayels 31st birthday, sitting beside the River Kwai, Thailand


Waking up on a balmy & humid tropical May morning in our garden view room, I looked out of the floor to ceiling window, the palm trees swaying gently and enjoyed the moment.

Returning to the Oriental Kwai, where decisions were made...

Returning to the Oriental Kwai, where decisions were made…


Just those few seconds of calm as I gazed out at the nature surrounding me, before my feet had even touched the cool tiled floor, made bubbles of excitement flip around in my tummy.

I felt happy, thinking of the decisions we made, in this same place a mere 9 months previously, which now set us on a new path.  A new journey was beginning and we were now filled with new purpose.

oriental kwai-5
Waking up happy, with a baby growing

oriental kwai-3
Enjoying a moment of calm in the early morning


If we hadn’t have uttered those meaningful words through smiling faces, our minds coming together on the same page that birthday night, would we have been back here now?

Back here, 4 months pregnant, growing a new life inside of me.

Back here, creating a moment I will always remember.

Our much loved dog Eden also got to enjoy the resort, both times!
Our much loved dog Eden also got to enjoy the resort, both times!

2 thoughts on “Where it all Began”
  1. Christina Walker 26th August 2016 on 4:05 am Reply

    Jay and Sacha, I started following your journey with your Thailand vlogs and have been a big fan since. Thank you for allowing the fans to share in your successes and setbacks. You guys have always been true in who you are and what you want. And you are living it!! I really admire your determination and drive. I wish you guys all the best in your endeavors and with deep respect and admiration for you both.

  2. Sacha El-haj 20th October 2016 on 2:36 pm Reply

    Thank you so much for your message & kind words Christina 🙂

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