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Feeling you Move…

I knew you were there, I knew my body was creating a tiny life.

I had seen you on a screen in the hospital. You were real. You had to be, all the tests said you were there, growing each day – yet somehow you didn’t seem a reality.

You were inside of me, like a secret dream no one else could be part of.


2nd Trimester-1 webYour baby bump at 16 weeks…

I went to bed one night, 16 weeks after your journey began, there was a flutter, subtle and silent.

With the softness of a butterflies wing or a feathers plume stroking my skin you made yourself known.

I inhaled and told Daddy ‘I think I felt something’

I waited in the darkness, concentrating. Would I feel you again?

Excitement and awe crept in, and once more with the light tread of a fairies footsteps you gently let me know without a doubt, you were there. undeniable and true.

Sam Roi Yot-1 webDaddy feeling you move for the first time, a couple of weeks later

My eyes closed with a smile on my face as sleep began to take over me.

Feeling you move is a moment I will never forget.


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