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Your First Gift…

My feet touched the fine soft sand, littered with shells.

The grainy ground moving beneath my feet as I walked slowly along, taking in the surroundings.

Breathing in the sea air, the late afternoon sun still warm enough to bead my skin with a light perspiration.

I wanted to remember this moment, the last time we would walk on a beach in Thailand before we left for England.

In all our years here, this beach area was our favorite.

Its where we felt happy, its where you were created.

I walked, holding onto your daddy’s hand.

For a moment, my eyes left the mountains and palm trees and glanced over the sand and there laying right by my toes embedded in the sand, a beautiful shell.

Sam Roi Yot-2

Tiny in size, yet perfectly formed. not one crack or imperfection.  I bent down to pick it up amazed by the bright pink color.  As I did so, I noticed more, dotted all around me where these mini gems. I picked up a couple more.

Then I had an idea, these shells wern’t meant for me.  They were yours.

I wanted to suddenly collect them all, as many as I could and soon my hands were full.

It became the most important task as I scoured the smooth yellow sands searching for more tiny beauties, insignificant to anyone else.

Sam Roi Yot-3
Daddy joined in, looking for gifts. A tear left my eye as I watched him carefully picking out these little shells.
I imagined you, older now, looking into the jar of shells and wanting to sort them, how I used to sort through my Nan’s old tin of colorful buttons, looking at the different shapes, counting them and picking out my favorite.
I imagined you wanting to know where they came from and asking if you could go there one day.

The light began to fade and I realised hours had passed.  We had become so engrossed in our new found activity but could no longer see clearly as the sun descended behind the mountains, casting an orange glow around us.

Sam Roi Yot-5

I unwillingly left the sands.  Thinking of all the shells I couldn’t pick up for you, yet excited thinking about the day I could show you them.

These tiny treasures are for you.  A memory for us as to where you began and a jar full of wonder for you.

You were barely a bump, but we already had your first gift.

Sam Roi Yot-4

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