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Preparing for You…

My little girl…

You are just a bump in my body, a feeling inside. For now, that is all we know of you.

You are just a bump in my body, but you have had already had so many gifts.  We have bought you clothes & hats & socks, you have a little basket for a bed & even a bouncy chair you can sit in.  You have soft toys & books.  You have blankets to snuggle in and most of all, you already have so much love.   baby-1Before leaving England, your nanny took all of your tiny baby clothes and washed them in delicate soap, she washed them to make them all clean and sweet smelling for you.  She washed them because she already loves you.

I was at your nanny’s house  as the last batch of your baby clothes came out of the washing machine.

The sun was shining and warming us as I stood in the garden and hung them all out on the washing line to dry in the gentle breeze.

With each tiny top and each tiny dress I pegged up, I imagined you wearing it.  I pictured your face.dsc08263This is us preparing for your arrival.  Preparing for the day you will be with us. When you will need these tiny baby clothes.
We are preparing for the day we will no longer have to just picture your face, as you will be looking back up at us with beautiful bright eyes.  baby-2Seeing your tiny clothes waving in the wind at your nanny’s house, filling the sunny garden with your pink hues, is a moment I will not forget.

I love you, my little girl. xxx

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