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Your First Home…

Walking through the door of our rustic Portuguese house for the 1st time we were greeted with a sense of contentment. img_8992

Our landlady busied herself making teas & coffees before showing us around the house that was soon to be our own peaceful space.

We were relaxed and we were happy.

The home had everything we needed.  It had 2 bedrooms, one for us and one for you. img_8980

The big garden with charming stone walls was the perfect place for Eden, but with you fluttering around in my belly, my mind wandered.

I pictured you playing under the trees and imagined family picnics on the grass, watching you as you watched the bees and butterflies dance around the lavender bush.img_8976

Our first day at the house, Daddy & I sat out in the garden for hours, we had dinner outside underneath the apple tree and we talked about you. We talked about this being the place where you would be born, where we would welcome you into the world. Unique and full of character, just how we hoped you would be.img_8989img_8999img_9003

The first night at our new house was one I will never forget.
As we drifted off to sleep, thinking of all the nights we would dream here and in the not so distant future, how you would lay and dream in our arms.

Welcome to your first home, Baby Girl. xxx

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