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We’re ready for you…

The years of planning and prepping for this moment are done.

The months of growing you inside are very quickly coming to a close and we are now counting mere days until you arrive and emerge into this world.


This process to create you began 15 months ago & for almost the last 10 of those, you have been developing inside of me, from a tiny, almost invisible seed to a full grown 3.5 kg baby as big as a pumpkin.

The wait for you is almost over and we will soon be able to see the little girl who has been dancing in my tummy, kicking, moving and swirling around.  maternity-shoot-11 I will miss you living in your little bump, reaching down to feel the firm roundness you made, I feel sad that our sole connection will soon no longer be there.  You will be exposed to the world and your life filled with new faces, it will never again be just us.

Your Daddy & I are still fascinated with every movement coming from within me, each night as we sit and watch TV, Daddy will put his hand on your bump and marvel at you.  We love those quiet moments when our minds can run away with us as we talk about who you might look like… how will you sound… what will you like… maternity-shoot-16

We have enjoyed seeing you growing and watching my belly swell, plump full of your baby form.

We have talked to you and sang to you.

We have cradled you and protected you.

We have cried for you and we have laughed for you.

Now it is almost time to meet you… maternity-shoot-15

Little Girl, We are ready for you!

Love Mummy xx

2 thoughts on “We’re ready for you…”
  1. Linda Babkirk 30th October 2016 on 10:59 am Reply

    This is the sweetest message with lovely, thoughtful pictures. Just keep doing what you feel is best for your family.

    • Sacha El-haj 31st October 2016 on 10:38 am Reply

      Thanks Linda, We intend too – its the only way! 🙂

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