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A Girl Named Story…

We thought of many names for you before you were born but ever since finding out you were going to be our little girl, we always knew who you would be.

Leaving the hospital in Hua Hin after receiving the news on a hot Thai day, Daddy turned to me smiling and said ‘Shes our new Story’

And really, that was that.  story-pics-9Whenever we talked about you, you were Story.  Whenever we bought you something, it was for Story.
You were our Story long before you arrived and the name just seemed right.

Story felt nice to say, it made us smile as we thought of you, our little Story growing inside. story-pics-11We thought of middle names to go with you, would you be a Clementine, a Willow or Winter ? Maybe a Meadow, a Skye or Lavender?  We just couldn’t decide.

Then one night as we sat by the log fire, watching the embers flickering from the flames, their hypnotic dance warming the room, it was decided. Ember.  A glowing spark to fit with our Story. story-pics-14That is how you became our girl named Story.

You are our Story in more ways than one & we can’t wait to explore, adventure and create memories with you.
Tiny moments that we won’t forget.

Lots of love,
Mummy xx

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