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A Song for You …

My little girl,

There’s something you should know about mummy.  I like to write.  Poems, songs, letters, even just lists, I write them. Mostly these scribbles go unnoticed, a jotted few lines in a notepad here and there, little rhymes or letters to daddy on special occasions, which then get folded up and placed in a drawer.

Before you were born, I wrote for you.  A song just for my baby, to welcome you into the world.
It is my first real song, set to music that was composed just for you also, Daddy made that happen with a man that lives miles away in Michigan, America  – can you believe you have your very own song?!pen-2I sing it sometimes when I am holding you, sometimes you smile and sometimes you just stare at me.  I like to think you are taking in each word and you can understand what I am saying, but whether you can or not, for now and always…pen-3This song is for you.

I’ll show you things you’re yet to see,
A guide to all you could be,
My wish,
Life comes down to this,

Show you the world,
I’ll watch you grow,
Your dreams you can follow,
My wish,
Life comes down to this,

Capture the beauty
Wild and free
Begin a new Story
My wish
Life comes down to this,

Our treasure, Our wish,
Who knew life could be like this,
Who knew life could be like this.


So Story, I thank you for giving me a reason to write this & make one of my personal dreams come true, you made me into a song writer, even if it was just for a tiny moment.

We love you little one xxx

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