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Your First Laugh…

The day started as any other had in the previous weeks, the morning church bells chimed across the village as we readied ourselves for the day in front of us.

We went for a drive to a nearby town & took Eden for a walk along the river.  I picked up a pebble that had been smoothed by the water & put it in my coat pocket, a little memory for you to keep.

Daddy & I got cups of coffee & little pastries made with red beans and we sat outside a cafe while you dozed in your pushchair, awaking only for your bottle of warm milk.IMG_2793At 3 months old you were now beginning to take notice of what was around you, you were becoming interested in the world.  Your eyes wide and curious.

Back at home with the day beginning to fade & your bedtime nearing fast, we were all outside, catching the last of the light before closing the door on the long winter evening ahead.thumb-2As I looked over at you, something had changed.  A cheeky looked had crept over your face, your eyes sparkled and a little smile adorned your lips.  I said to Daddy ‘Quick grab the camera, I think Story is going to laugh’ Oh and that you did my little one.

You laughed and then you laughed again and Story, it was the sweetest sound.
A small chuckle at first building to a real giggle. You found the smallest movement hilarious, I jumped up and down in front of you to make you do it more and as you laughed and as I jumped, a big wet tear clouded my eyes.

This was the first time we really heard you, not just little baby sounds and murmurs, this was the beginnings of you becoming you.story-2My heart melted a little in that precious moment on an otherwise normal day, Daddy, you & me, in our garden, listening to your sounds echoing around us.

The happiness oozed out of us all and hearing you laugh for the first time is a moment I will never forget!

We love you Story Ember, you & your cute laugh xx

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