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Your First Gift…

My feet touched the fine soft sand, littered with shells. The grainy ground moving beneath my feet as I walked slowly along, taking in the surroundings. Breathing in the sea air, the late afternoon sun still warm enough to bead my skin with a light perspiration. I wanted to remember this moment, the last time […]

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Feeling you Move…

I knew you were there, I knew my body was creating a tiny life. I had seen you on a screen in the hospital. You were real. You had to be, all the tests said you were there, growing each day – yet somehow you didn’t seem a reality. You were inside of me, like […]

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Seeing you Grow…

Waking up early on this May morning, ready for our ultrasound appointment at the Thai public hospital, I felt a pang of nerves.  I do not know why, there was no one reason I could pinpoint as to what was triggering these apprehensive feelings. Was I nervous at what the doctors would say?  Was I […]

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Where it all Began

When we decided recently to book a nights stay at the Oriental Kwai Resort it wasn’t just any hotel, this place now holds a special little part of our hearts and a became a loving paragraph of our story. This resort was where we celebrated your daddy’s 31st birthday last year & on that same […]

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The First Moments

pregnancy test

It is difficult to pinpoint the exact moment that this very special journey began. Varying conception and gestation dates, late monthly cycles and a plan to one day start a family that stretched back over 10 years, all make for a muddy pool of time frames that can be quite confusing. So lets start here… […]

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